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From Freak Out to Authentic Happiness in Seconds – VidetteV TV

Posted On July 16,2014



From Freak Out Thumbnail

I’ll set the stage: On an aircraft carrier filled with World War II volunteers, my boys are running circles around one, I’m am afraid that they will take him out.

My thought, “Oh, poo….he survived WWII, but isn’t going to survive the Vanderweide boys!”

I get angry…really angry….

How on Earth do we go from these moments in life, to a zen-ful place in the course of a couple of seconds?

Well, prior to this day, I would … Read more


The Secret to the Journey to Authentic Happiness

Posted On July 9,2014


  The Journey to Authentic Happiness thumbnail So, we all have heard the saying, “The destination IS the journey.”

We get that….or do we?

A few months ago, me and my family took a trip to the the “Lost Coast” of California. It’s one of the hardest beaches in California to get to because there is no direct route.

During our journey, I got a little life lesson, (funny how that works), and a big secret to life,  because it didn’t feel like we’d EVER find the … Read more


The Secret to the Law Of Attraction

Posted On June 25,2014


  Secret to Law of Attraction Thumbnail

The “Law of Attraction” is a well-used word in our modern culture, thanks to the movie, “The Secret.”

There is, however, something that is often missed from the guidance to visualize, create our dream boards, and to repeat affirmations…

The “secret” to the law of attraction is the missing link and why so many people fail to manifest everything they desire.

Yes, visualizations work. Yes, dream boards hang around my house. Yes, I use affirmations, but WHY do they work?… Read more

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