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The 12-Minute, 6-Sense Meditation Walk

Posted On April 24,2014

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So, we know brain farts are bad. Kinda embarrassing. But, what about thought gaps!

Those, my friends, are goooood! What happens in the gaps is peace of mind!

And what busy mom doesn’t need a little peace?!?!

In this episode of “Life Reinvented,” I’m opening your mind to one of my FAVORITE zen-creating practices…meditation! Hear me out here!!! Don’t click next, please!

Meditation CAN be done and YOU can do it!

I explain in this episode how you simply need … Read more


Why Daily Self Care is Essential to Busy Moms

Posted On April 18,2014

 Self Care Thumbnail

Yesterday I woke up tired for the second day in a row. That’s not like me. Being the aware girl I am, I thought about it and realized that I had not been doing my self-care practices lately, so I thought I’d make it a lesson for everyone!

In this episode of “Modern Zen,” I share the importance of self-care (also using it as a reminder to myself), and I’m even sharing a cool infographic with you so you, too, … Read more


VidetteV TV: Some Gratitude Juju for Busy Moms

Posted On April 14,2014

Sometimes, being a busy mom means we forget the great things we have in our lives….the VERY things that make our jobs much easier on a daily basis!!

On a recent trip through the desert, I was reminded of all the things that I so often take for granted….and it goes WAY beyond the whole, “I’m grateful for my kids being healthy” thing!

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