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Why Daily Self Care is Essential to Busy Moms

Posted On April 18,2014

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Yesterday I woke up tired for the second day in a row. That’s not like me. Being the aware girl I am, I thought about it and realized that I had not been doing my self-care practices lately, so I thought I’d make it a lesson for everyone!

In this episode of “Modern Zen,” I share the importance of self-care (also using it as a reminder to myself), and I’m even sharing a cool infographic with you so you, too, … Read more


VidetteV TV: Some Gratitude Juju for Busy Moms

Posted On April 14,2014

Sometimes, being a busy mom means we forget the great things we have in our lives….the VERY things that make our jobs much easier on a daily basis!!

On a recent trip through the desert, I was reminded of all the things that I so often take for granted….and it goes WAY beyond the whole, “I’m grateful for my kids being healthy” thing!

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VidetteV TV: The “Secret Sauce” to Live Your Best Life

Posted On April 7,2014

Want to live your best life?

What if there was a way to get everything you want in life using a secret magic force?

Well, there is and I explain it in this episode of “Life Reinvented” on the Reinvention Channel. There is a magical force that is available to all of us. It’s simply having the “secret sauce” in using it and today, I am sharing with you, exactly how to use it!

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